Winter 2015 Partnership Activation Newsletter

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I am excited to share the Winter 2015 Partnership Activation Newsletter, an industry-leading resource showcasing sports marketing and sponsorship trends, insights, and best practices from across the world. 

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The Winter 2015 Partnership Activation Newsletter features a collection of topics, including:

  • 15+ Hot Sponsorship Categories to Keep an Eye On 
  • Snapchat's Discovery Platform
  • Letting Fans Relive The Experience
  • 3 Sports Technologies + Innovations to Keep an Eye On
  • Campus-Wide Partnerships: Knowing Your Value
  • Great Sports Marketing Ideas
  • 50 Great Running l Endurance Ideas from The Past 7 Years
  • Thinking Outside the Box 
  • Going Deep with Social Media
  • The Big Ticket Promotion
  • Creativity in the Sports Marketplace
  • Engaging Key Stakeholders in Sports
  • Partnership Thought Starters
  • And More!