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    Billboard of the Week - Budweiser, World Cup

    Are you looking for ways to promote significant sporting events in international markets? Are you looking for ways to incorporate products into outdoor messaging campaigns?

    As the world gears up for the 2010 South Africa World Cup, Anheuser-Busch is driving some buzz in the Far East with a captivating billboard campaign. The global brewing company recently unveiled a captivating outdoor messaging campaign in Japan that portrays what the World Cup would look like from the inside of a Budweiser can.

    The billboard does an effective job incorporating the passion, emotion, and athletes competing in the World Cup but more importantly it uses a blend of side imagery to turn the Budweiser can into the focal point of the campaign. One cannot help but direct his/her attention to the middle of the billboard... the Budweiser can.


    adidas Unveils Amazing Soccer Viral Pieces Worldwide...

    Are you looking for new ways to generate interest in your sports organization or brand? Are you looking to create a captivating viral campaign?

    Over the past few months, adidas has unveiled some amazing soccer viral pieces designed to generate interest amongst consumers across the globe (specifically targeted at Japanese and Western European consumers). The company currently features the videos on their platform, a site that serves as a one-stop destination for unique adidas content.

    Check out all of the inspiring viral pieces below - a very captivating campaign!


    Billboard of the Week - Ikea

    Are you looking for ways to drive awareness for discounted ticket sales? Are you marketing a new, low-cost ticket price?

    There is no question that Ikea is one of the best in the biz when it comes to creating compelling messaging campaigns that peak consumer interest. The company recently unveiled a creative billboard that SCREAMS low prices.

    How did Ikea do it? They turned a full-size billboard into a giant price tag attraction (with a small chair attached). Using a little billboard creativity pushing price (over product), Ikea was able to effectively capture the attention of consumers passing by.

    Which presents the following questions for sports marketers:

    • With the economy forcing organizations to lower ticket prices, why not take a gamble and create a billboard campaign that completely sells fans on the low price point/value of ticket prices (versus selling the brand, the product on the playing field, or incoming opponents)?
    • Why not turn a billboard into a giant ticket stub that displays an affordableprice in a big, bold font with a small visual (i.e. basketball) attached?

    Teams can also consider modeling Ikea's billboard practice to drive sales for select merchandise or awareness for exclusive in-venue destinations. Corporate partners can model the idea to push price-points using in-venue signage.


    Billboard of the Week - James Ready Beer

    Are you looking to create a unique billboard campaign that engages consumers? Are you looking to take your out-of-home messaging campaigns to the next level?

    In 2009, the Canadian-based James Ready Beer Company, created a captivating billboard campaign that rewarded consumers for their participation. Priding itself on being a discount lager, the company created a billboard campaign that asked consumers to it save a buck by submitting pictures of what James Ready beer means to them. Here is a quick video that profiles the award-winning campaign:

    Universities looking to build their brand in the local marketplace (and engage with their avid fanbase) should consider creating similar campaigns that enable fans to share their passion in a creative way!


    Nike Turns its Marketing Focus to the Legend of LeRoy Smith

    Are you looking to create motivating promotional campaign that inspires consumers across the globe? Are you looking for a unique way to capitalize on professional sports in a unique way?

    Nike hasdone it again. Each year, the sports marketing masterminds at Nike create an inspiring campaign that turns the heads of sports fans across the globe. This year's viral marketing campaign - Get Your Basketball On - centers around LeRoy Smith, a figurehead who is said to be the man behind Michael Jordan's motivation to become the greatest of all time. While in the 10th grade, Smith beat out MJ for the last spot on the Varsity basketball team- amoment that Jordan will never forget.

    Nike called in Charlie Murphy (an actor who gained noteriety from his role on The Chappelle Show) to play the part of LeRoy Smith in a series of mock videos and skits, which include training videos, news segments, and video game previews.

    Nike features a collection of interactive features on the promotional site, including a petition for fans to vote Smith into the Hall of Fame, desktop accessories, iPhone applications (and other fake LeRoy Smith gear), and a DVD series (a collection of YouTube segments). In essence, the LeRoy Smith platform serves as a natural fake brand extension for Nike to promote and capitalize on.

    While the campaign doesn't scream Nike by any means, it will definitely spark plenty of discussion within the basketball community. A strong sports viral marketing platform with substance and legs, it will be interesting to see how far the LeRoy Smith story takes off.

    Check out some of the clips below (and click through to view some of the other segments on YouTube)... It's a classic "do it yourself" platform and a job well done by Nike!


    Billboard of the Week - Chick-fil-A

    Are you looking for ways to leverage B2B partnerships? Are you looking for new ways to promote your product in a unique way?

    Over the past few months, Chick-Fil-A has featured a very creative billboard along I-85 when passing through Atlanta, Georgia. The billboard features two (2) of the company's signature cows finishing a project on an Etch-a-Sketch board that spells out "Beef Iz Sketchy". While Chick-Fil-A likely does not have a partnership with Etch-A-Sketch (it would be interesting to see if they had to acquire rights to marks, etc. for this ad) it does raise the questions:

    • Have you ever considered aligning with a B2B partner to devise a creative billboard campaign?
    • With signage and billboard inventory space often rare (and valuable) outside stadium venues, have you ever thought to team up with one of the organization's other partners on a campaign that would resonate with fans and would benefit both brands?

    For example, if both an airline partner and rental car provider were targeting fans traveling in for a game, aren't there synergies that exist where the partners could align to create an interesting (and entertaining) billboard campaign? Or multiple brands that are focused on targeting the same demographics of consumers (e.g. Gillette/National Guard targeting young adults, etc.).

    Have we begun to see partners interested in sharing signage inventory (either buying half the season and selling the other half to another partner if interested or leveraging an actual piece of static signage to push multiple brands?). These tactics are currently taking place in NASCAR today but it is yet to be seen in the traditional sports signage space. Are properties even willing to entertain this?

    Consider new ways to collaborate on B2B messaging campaigns that can provide better results for your brand!


    Billboard of the Week - Nike, Lebron and Kobe

    Are you looking to create a store billboard that captures consumer awareness in the local marketplace? Are you looking for new ways to showcase the world's greatest athletes?

    Buzz is circulating around Nike's retail location in Fort Bonaficio after the company erected a giant billboard featuring Lebron James and Kobe Bryant above the store's entrance. The billboard shows the two (2) NBA stars appearing to back one another down (a great visual).

    The popularity of Nike's "large" billboard investment reflects the support and excitement surrounding the NBA in the Philippines and other regions in the Far East.

    Source: Flickr photos courtesy of Daniel_isBORED


    The Aussies Keep Producing Soccer Viral Hits...

    Are you looking to create captivating viral campaigns to promote an upcoming match? Are you looking to offer original, entertaining content to fans?

    Over the past few months, the Football Federation Australia (FFA) has generated a tremendous amount of online buzz with the creation of some fictional soccer viral pieces that tout their upcoming opponents. The FFA's first viral feature profiled what-appeared-to-be the Uzbekistan soccer club being subject to extreme training methods to get consumers across Australia interested in the match.

    The FFA recently released a second soccer viral piece - this time showcasing what-appears-to-be the amazing skills of a Bahrainian goalkeeper. The piece does a tremendous job showcasing how product placement can be woven into viral marketing (it is with hope that the FFA had worked out an agreement with Land Rover to prominently feature one of its vehicles in the ad). Check out the clip below:

    Ticketek, Australia and New Zealand's largest sports and entertainment ticketing company, recently capitalized on the soccer viral craze in Australia by creating a viral feature of their own. Ticketek created a piece that showcases the Japan soccer team displaying heroic skills in Japanese television show format. The piece was created by Ticketek in an effort to drive ticket sales for the upcoming June 17th World Cup Qualifier match between Japan and Australia. The feature is another great example of a soccer viral piece - check it out below:

    A special thanks to Alex Vitanye of the Ohio Center for Sports Administration for his contributions and insights to this column.


    Billboard of the Week - Nike, LeBron

    Are you looking to create a campaign to promote an athlete endorser's accomplishments? Are you looking to create a captivating billboard campaign?

    Nike recently revealed a tremendous billboard outside the Quicken Loans Arena that commemorates LeBron James' first MVP award. Over the years, Nike has generated a significant amount of buzz with its LeBron James billboard campaigns in the city of Cleveland. He is truly the King of the NBA.

    Check out the billboard campaign below:

    Source: Kyleroth's photoson Flicker


    The Cavs Create a "Must-See" Playoff Proposal...

    Are you looking for a humorous way to drive attention to your team's playoff campaign? Are you looking to make a parody of a national media campaign?

    The Cleveland Cavaliers recently released a classic promotional piece to drive awareness for their 2009 playoff run. The piece, a parody of the Heineken Walk In Closet commercial, is a humorous campaign that shows a host of Cavaliers players enjoying their playoff experience.

    The Cleveland Cavaliers and Phoenix Suns organizations are truly serving as leaders in the viral space. Both teams have posted a countless amount of captivating content on YouTube for fans to enjoy. There isn't a team in the NBA that seems more relaxed than the Cleveland Cavaliers. Check out the classic clip below: