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    Tissot Uses QR Codes to Bring its Race Models to Life

    Are you looking for new ways to leverage models on-site at sporting events? Are you looking for ways to integrate social media elements into your current activation plans?

    Swiss watch manufacturer Tissot recently took its on-site activation at MotoGP Red Bull Grand Prix events to new heights by placing QR codes on the outfits of its Umbrella Girls (models)on-site. The social media strategy enables racing fans touring the at-track Tissot footprint to bring their unforgettable real-world experience to life in a virtual setting where they are more apt to learn about products, take advantage of special promotional offers, and ultimately make purchases. 

    How does it work?

    Fans simply have to walk up to the Tissot models and scan a QR code on their outfit with their smart phone (usually this requires downloading an app like Microsoft Tag Reader). When scanning the QR Code from a close distance, fans are then directed to a Tissot mobile page where they can purchase products and engage in special offers.

    This strategy serves as a terrific benchmark for brands looking to engage with consumers on-site or on-premise (at bars, restaurants, retail, etc.) more effectively. The QR codes serve as a conversation starter for models, demonstrate that a brand "gets" social media, and helps foster a memorable experience for fans.

    Check out the video below as this will soon become commonplace in the sports marketplace as QR codes become readily adopted. While the United States lags behind, QR codes are already heavily embedded in Japanese culture.

    Tissot is incorporating Danica Patrick into the QR Code mix as well...