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    Do You Have the Best E-Newsletter in Sports?

    Is your organization looking for ways to enhance its weekly/monthly newsletter? Are you looking for new, valuable ways to connect with your fanbase (or general consumers for that matter) on a consistent basis?

    Sports organizations looking to create an innovative newsletter should consider benchmarking the interactive piece currently being offered by FC Barcelona. FC Barcelona has done an incredible job making their newsletter extremely fan-centric:

    • Fan Videos (incorporated via YouTube)
    • Announcements of Promotion/Sweepstakes Winners
    • Fan Feedback/Comments (on player departures, acquisitions)
    • Fan Polls
    • Downloads
    • Exclusive Merchandise Offers
    • News and Information
    • New Player Features

    To sign up for the Official FC Barcelona newsletter, fans are first guided through a terrific photo slideshow of Camp Nou before they can sign up for the behind-the-scenes news and information included in the publication.