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    Red Bull Jumps the Trojan Horse in an Unforgettable Display

    Red Bull has built brand equity across the globe in 2010 with an international freestyle motocross exhibition series called the Red Bull X-Fighters Jams. The series has traveled to alluring destinations across five continents, including Rome, Madrid, London, Cairo, and Moscow. At each location, the Red Bull X-Fighters have drawn enormous crowds of onlookers interested in seeing the best flip tricks in the world.

    While the tour has proven to be a huge success with fans, their latest event in the Turkish city of Canakkale, the ancient city of Troy, was truly the most memorable. The Red Bull X-Fighters showcased an unforgettable performance in front of 40,000 spectators that featured hundreds of flip tricks over the iconic Trojan Horse. The event once again demonstrated Red Bull's uncanny ability to create iconic events that have the substance it takes to become viral sensations.

    Check out some amazing highlights of the Red Bull X-Fighters event in ancient Troy below:


    The Red River Rivalry Celebrates Livestrong Day with Unique Card Stunt

    Organizers of the annual Texas-Oklahoma Red River Rivalry game recently teamed up with Nike and Livestrong to execute a unique card stunt in support of Livestrong Day. The three parties collaborated to raise cancer awareness by performing a cancer-focused card stunt during the game.

    The card stunt was a very exciting moment for fans in attendance as it signified how they can unite in the fight against cancer. The stunt was just one of 1,000+ events that took place across the world in celebration of Livestrong Day, the annual global day of action to celebrate survivorship and work toward a world without cancer.

    Check out the Red River Rivalry Livestrong card stunt was executed below:


    Sports Radio 790 Uses Guerrilla Tactics to Thank Bobby Cox

    Sports Radio 790 The Zone, a premier sports radio station in Atlanta, recently pulled off a terrific guerrilla marketing stunt to celebrate the career of retiring Braves coach Bobby Cox and build goodwill with sports fans in the local marketplace.

    Sports Radio 790 The Zone celebrated Cox's retirement and engaged with fans by setting up a mobile display just outside of Turner Field that featured an authentic painting of Bobby Cox. The station asked fans passing by to sign the commemorative piece, which the station plans to present to Cox at a later time.

    To drive engagement, Sports Radio 790 The Zone also distributed a collection of "Thanks Bobby" fans to consumers passing by and asked conducted live interviews asking fans about their fondest memories of Cox as the Braves head coach.

    Sports Radio 790 The Zone was able to pull off the successful guerilla stunt around the historic moment in Braves history despite Sports Radio 680 The Fan and Rock 100.5 being the official home of Braves baseball. To support the stunt, Sports Radio 790 The Zone partnered with an official "Thanks Bobby!" Facebook page and movement that was created by Braves fan and 790 listener Scott Munn. The site has amassed 20,000+  fans and has received media support from the AJC, The Regular Guys, The Braves Radio Network, and

    Check out a few pictures of their guerrilla activation below:


    Bring Game Entertainment to Life for Fans Via Social Media

    Each and every football weekend, sports marketers need to consider ways that they can recreate the stadium experience for thousands of viewers at home. With social media, marketers have a very cost-effective platform to bring stadium entertainment to life for fans to watch during the week, before games, and after huge victories.

    Quality content that can be captured and rebroadcasted via social media can include:

    • Pre-Game
      • Pre-game introductions, scoreboard introduction videos, pre-game traditions, time lapse videos of fans entering the stadium, pictures/video of game day giveaways, the National Anthem, pre-game skydivers, tailgating insights, pep rallies, pre-game concerts, pre-game band performances, warmups/walk-throughs, etc.
    • In-Game
      • Scoreboard features, on-field promotions, fan cheers, cheerleaders/dance team, halftime entertainment, in-game ceremonies, etc.
    • Post-Game
      • Band performances, team celebrations, post-game interviews, fan celebrations, scoreboard highlights, fireworks, post-game concerts, etc.

    As an example of capturing quality game day footage, enclosed is a great video that lets fans experience the thrills of a skydiver gliding into a stadium packed with 80,000+ screaming fans before a rivalry game. Capture these special moments for your fan base!


    Identify With Your Fans' Attitudes, Behaviors, and Values

    Sports organizations looking to create new, compelling content during the offseason should consider creating pieces that speak directly to their fanbase. As members of a fan base, individual fans regularly conform to the attitudes, behaviors, and values of their fellow peers. That is why Eagles, Raiders, and Cowboys fans love being who they are. As a result, it's important for teams and brands to understand the attitudes and behaviors of their avid fanbase and speak directly to them with compelling story telling.

    Nike recently produced a terrific piece about the fans of the historic Brazilian soccer club Corinthians, entitled "30 Million Strong", that serves as a benchmark for brands and organizations looking to demonstrate how well they truly understand and value their fanbase. In the piece, Nike showcases how Corinthians is more than just a soccer club, it's "the people's team", a republic and lifestyle for fans.

    Nike is using the viral piece to drive membership of its Corinthians Facebook Fan Page - a great idea!

    Check it out below:


    Dana White Connects with UFC Fans Via Fan Phone

    Dana White, the current President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and social media extraordinaire, recently teamed up with Digital Royalty to provide the sport's fans with unprecedented access.

    Prior to the UFC 118 Event in Boston on Saturday Night, Dana White tweeted out a phone number to his 4.5MM Twitter followers that allowed UFC fans to call him directly and share their predictions for the fights on tap that night. Within seconds, White received a call from a loyal UFC fan and shortly thereafter heard from a number of other fans from across the world.

    Amy Martin of Digital Royalty documented White's "Fan Phone" strategy and created a video case study that she recently posted online to help bridge the gap that exists between the virtual and physical worlds. Check it out below!


    The SF Giants Use Infomercial to Drive Merchandise Sales

    Sports organizations looking for new, creative ways to drive sales of tickets and select merchandise should consider modeling a tactic recently implemented by the San Francisco Giants. The Major League Baseball Club's marketing department created a terrific infomercial spot to promote Tim Lincecumb wigs (called Timmy Wigs) the team is selling for $10 at the ballpark. Lincecumb, the team's ace who has won the last two NL Cy Young Awards is a fan favorite in the Bay Area and one of the league's shining stars. 

    Since the team created the infomercial spot, Timmy Wig sales have skyrocketed and the video is on its way to becoming a huge viral hit. 

    Informercials are becoming a relatively mainstream practice in the sports business space as teams and athletes have used them to drive buzz in the social media marketplace. As you will note, the Minnesota Timberwolves created a Mr. Love Miracle Glass Cleaner spot in 2009 to promote Kevin Love as ROY and Vitaminwater has used Steve Nash, 50 cent, and Kobe Bryant in several infomercial spots

    Hats off to the San Francisco Giants on a well executed merchandise campaign! Check it out below:


    South Carolina Goes Digital to Engage Avid Fanbase

    The University of South Carolina Athletics Department recently launched a terrific new promotional microsite to drive fan excitement for the upcoming 2010 football season. The site features a number of interactive elements that have generated a significant amount of interest amongst the University's avid fanbase following USC Athletics across the nation.

    The site's unique features include:

    • Hometown Videos
      • Where USC football players discuss their South Carolina hometown
    • The Most Garnet Hometown
      • Online submission process where fans can vote for which county they think has the most passionate South Carolina fans for the chance to win (2) free tickets in the Champions Club for a Gamecocks football game
    • Gamecocks Wallpaper Builder
      • Fans can create a custom USC wallpaper background that can be downloaded to their PC
    • "What They're Saying"
      • Live Twitter feed with updates and links regarding South Carolina Athletics
    • Social Media Elements, Links to Drive Merchandise Sales, Ticket Sales Elements, and more!

    The site's interactive elements have delivered immediate results. In just two weeks, the USC football microsite generated 45,000 hits, 1,700 registrations, and 300+ photo uploads. These figures will only continue to rise as football season draws near. Check back to learn about additional ways the University of South Carolina Athletics Department is engaging fans on-site and online! 


    Nike Celebrates World Cup Heroes with Special Mural Display

    Are you looking for new ways to drive consumer interest and awareness at retail? Are you looking for new ways to bring window displays to life?

    Nike recently celebrated the completion of the World Cup at its Nike Stadium retail location in London by adorning 17 5m x 3m window panels with portraits of Nike's key athlete endorsers in the soccer space. Nike turned to London-based artist HelloVon to create the spectacular mural display, which spanned the length of Oxford St. in London.

    Check it out below:



    Nike Hits the Subway to Write the Future 

    Are you looking for new ways to promote team/player affiliations in high-traffic outdoor settings? Are you looking for new ways to "own" subway and train stations?

    Nike leveraged is "Write the Future" World Cup campaign in Denmark by giving a subway station in Norreport a complete makeover. The campaign was designed to demonstrate Nike's support for Denmark footballer Nicklas Bendtner, with the hope that he could guide his team to the promise land and become a leading scorer in the World Cup.

    Check out Nike's terrific metro station branding initiative in the video and photos enclosed below:

    Source: Nakedcomms cph's Flickr Photostream 


    UFC Hits Twitter to Engage with Fans

    As sports properties look for new ways to engage fans through non-traditional channels, they should take a close look at how Dana White and UFC are utilizing Twitter to reward their followers.

    White is using the official Twitter account of UFC and his own personal Twitter profile to host a #Hunt4UFC scavenger hunt that rewards UFC fans with a variety of prizes. To drive awareness for upcoming fights, White provides a call-to-action to fans via Twitter, posting his location and offering up a prize to the first person who can meet him at that location and repeat a message, etc.

    White recently posted a viral piece that shows a fan tracking him down to win free UFC gloves within just 3 minutes and 33 seconds of his post... a pretty remarkable feat! UFC's originality and authentic approach to using Twitter has driven an avid fan following online (White has 1,115,000+ followers; UFC has 139K followers).

    Check out the video below and consider new ways that your organization can use Twitter and various other channels to reward fans through non-trational means!

    A special thanks to Chris Boggs of GMR Marketing for his insights and contributions to this column.


    Centauro Helps Brazilian Soccer Fans Feel the Weight of Five World Titles

    Brands and retail partners looking for new ways to impact consumers in a retail setting should take a close look at a recent strategy implemented by Centauro, Brazil's largest sporting goods chain. Just prior to the World Cup, Centauro impacted thousands of consumers shopping for Brazilian soccer apparel across the country with the use of a simple, weighted hanger.

    There is a common expression in Brazil that every time a player sports the country's distinct yellow soccer jersey, they are wearing the weight of Five World Titles on their shoulders. That is because Brazil has won more championships (5) than any other team in World Cup history.

    Centauro capitalized on this expression by hanging all of the Brazil World Cup jerseys in its stores on a special 2kg hanger that sported a branded tag, "Feel the Weight of Five World Titles". The simple, weighted hanger became an unexpected and impacting communication platform, driving curiosity and buzz amongst consumers at retail. The campaign, implemented across 120 retail locations, served as an effective way for Centauro to drive awareness for its Brazilian jersey offerings in-store.

    Check out a viral piece that captured consumer reactions in-store below:




    The Nets Have The Blueprint for Greatness (On a Billboard)

    Are you looking for new ways to make a splash in the local marketplace?

    Looking to make a huge splash in the 2010 NBA Free Agency period, the New Jersey Nets unveiled a massive 225 x 95 foot mural today at a major Manhatten intersection just blocks away from the New York Knicks' offices at Madison Square Garden. The billboard features a depiction of the team's new Russian billionaire owner Mikhail Prokhorov standing alongside Jay-Z, complete with the slogan "The Blueprint for Greatness".

    There is no question that this billboard will catch the eye of many NBA free agents, sending home a message that the Nets organization, under the guidance of new leadership, are serious about becoming major contenders and taking over the Big Apple. The massive mural display will surely be picked up by all of the major newspapers and media outlets and will instantly becoming a topic of water cooler conversation across the globe.

    Check out the massive billboard below, which is now complete - just hours before the NBA's Free Agency period begins!

    Photo Source: Marianne O'Leary's Flickr Photostream


    Sony Proves That 3D Projection Messaging is Here

    Sports marketers looking for new outdoor messaging tactics to engage fans should due some diligence researching new advancements in projection technology.

    Sony recently celebrated the 2010 Champions League Final by dislaying two (2) unbelievable 3D soccer themed projections on the outside of two buildings in Madrid, Spain. Sony teamed up with NuFormer, an agency based out of the Netherlands, to create 3D projections symbolizing a central theme of "Imagine Football in 3D". The company showcased the projections on the facade of the Plaza Santa Ana and the Colegia San Agustin in front of a few thousand guests. 

    Sony created the projection footage specifically for this live event and worked hand-in-hand with Madrid's city Council to secure the rights to project the interactive display onto the walls of both buildings.

    Check out Sony's soccer projection messaging below:

    Source: NuFormer


    King Kong Invades Dodger Stadium to Promote New 3D Ride

    Universal Studios recently teamed up with the Los Angeles Dodgers to create a viral piece designed to drive buzz for the opening of the park's new King Kong 3D attraction, which opens on July 4th. Universal Studios is releasing a series of viral pieces to drive awareness for the ride, which was designed by director Peter Jackson, and turned to its neighboring partners, the Los Angeles Dodgers, for some assistance with the first piece.

    Universal Studios launched the first viral piece, a scene that appeared to be a catastrophe at Dodger Stadium, on May 25th. The video made it appear that King Kong left giant ape footprints near home plate and caused some destruction in deep center field.

    Check out the video below and consider new ways that your sports organization can align with theme parks and movie producers to create similar viral pieces in the near future!