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    Nike Turns to Fans on Twitter to Devise a Slogan for US Soccer

    Nike looked to capitalize on the U.S. Men's National Soccer Team's recent international friendly against a renowned Argentina team at the New Meadowlands Stadium by creating an expansive "Red All Over" campaign.

    A few weeks leading up to the match, Nike turned to soccer fans on Twitter to create a motto that would serve as the focal point of its "Red All Over" campaign. Nike encouraged soccer enthusiasts from across the world to submit their ideas over a five-day period using the hashtag #redallover. The campaign proved to be extremely successful, with thousands of entries pouring each day.

    Ultimately, Nike found their answer for the campaign - a slogan that stood out from all the rest. The slogan, "Indivisible", was submitted by William Bachmann II of Orlando, FL, who uses the Twitter handle @WBachmann2. The slogan came from an unlikely source but proved to be exactly what Nike was looking for with the campaign. The slogan was sewn onto the jerseys of all the U.S. players for the match and soon became a storyline that captured the world's attention.

    Note: As part of the campaign, fans were encouraged to wear red to New Meadowlands Stadium for the game on March 26th in support.

    Check out a video detailing the promotional initiative below:


    Nike Celebrates World Cup Heroes with Special Mural Display

    Are you looking for new ways to drive consumer interest and awareness at retail? Are you looking for new ways to bring window displays to life?

    Nike recently celebrated the completion of the World Cup at its Nike Stadium retail location in London by adorning 17 5m x 3m window panels with portraits of Nike's key athlete endorsers in the soccer space. Nike turned to London-based artist HelloVon to create the spectacular mural display, which spanned the length of Oxford St. in London.

    Check it out below:



    Nike Hits the Subway to Write the Future 

    Are you looking for new ways to promote team/player affiliations in high-traffic outdoor settings? Are you looking for new ways to "own" subway and train stations?

    Nike leveraged is "Write the Future" World Cup campaign in Denmark by giving a subway station in Norreport a complete makeover. The campaign was designed to demonstrate Nike's support for Denmark footballer Nicklas Bendtner, with the hope that he could guide his team to the promise land and become a leading scorer in the World Cup.

    Check out Nike's terrific metro station branding initiative in the video and photos enclosed below:

    Source: Nakedcomms cph's Flickr Photostream 


    Arsenal Unveils "The Spirit of Highbury"

    Are you looking to implement new marketing efforts on gameday? Are you looking to renovate an existing area of your stadium facility?

    Sports organizations looking for new ways to honor their players, supporters, and staff (past and present), should consider benchmarking the recent efforts of Arsenal FC. The EPL club has recently made a concerted effort (which it refers to as Arsenalisation) to recognize its greatest team contributors and moments.  

    The Arsenalisation movement is highlighted by "The Spirit of Highbury", an image erected at the South end of the club's new home, Emirates Stadium, that features a lineup of every Arsenal player and manager that competed for the team when it played at the Highbury (their old venue facility) between 1913 and 2006. Arsenal FC put a tremendous amount of effort into The Spirit of Highbury, as it even called on the likes of Nike and Wieden and Kennedy (W+K) to complete the project.  

    The club created the amazing image by blending a range of images from glass negatives to modern digital photography. There are only four (4) players who remain unaccounted for in the image and are featured as silhouettes. Per Arsenal's website, "the Spirit of Highbury now stands as a permanent symbol of the Club's proud history and a testament to the achievements that have stemmed from the efforts of every player, supporter, and member of staff, past and present".

    Check out how the Spirit of Highbury was created below: