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    Go Inside the Huddle to Deliver Unprecedented Access for Fans

    The University of Washington football team gave its fanbase unprecedented access during the team's annual Spring Game by outfitting quarterbacks Keith Price and Nick Montana with a helmet cam and mic.

    The result? The Washington Huskies football team was able to effectively convey to fans what it's like to lead a football team during a game, including:

    • Calling plays in the huddle
    • Taking snaps from center
    • Identifying defensive schemes
    • Scrambling on the run
    • Listening to coaches provide instruction
    • Staring down defenders
    • Throwing passes
    • Motivating teammates
    • Scoring touchdowns

    The insider video, posted by Huskies coach Steve Sarkisian on YouTube, truly serves as a best-in-class execution that should be benchmarked by all sports organizations (either during practice, Spring games, exhibition games, etc.). The video has attracted 44,000+ views. Check it out below:


    Sarkisian recently followed up the Huskies' "Inside the Huddle" access with two (2) terrific Fall Camp 2011 videos, profiling the football team behind-the-scenes. Check them out below:


    A special thanks to Rising Star Mark Gallo of Anheuser-Busch for his insights and contributions to this column!