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    NASCAR and INDYCAR Should Look to Formula 1 For Activation Best Practices

    In the world of motorsports, it's extremely important that NASCAR and INDYCAR officials look to benchmark best practices from Formula 1 and other racing organizations around the world. The next few years will prove to be a critical time for both sports, which face a number of key challenges despite showing signs of growth in 2011.

    While attendance, ratings, competition, and renewed interest has returned in both sports, several key challenges have emerged that will shape the sports' growth over the next few years. These challenges include demographic shifts, the evolution of the fan/stadium experience, and shifts in fan perception. Particularly, both sports will need to develop aggressive marketing campaigns targeting youth, multicultural segments (Hispanic, urban, etc.) as well as strategic social/digital media plans with a renewed focus on integrating new technologies.

    As NASCAR and INDYCAR look to refine their approaches to grow their sport, both entities should look to adopt several tactics from Formula 1 tracks, race teams, and sponsors. The sport prides itself on technology, innovation, high-end experiences, activation, and amenities, and more.

    Check out a few videos below that detail the Formula 1 FanZone experience, which includes several tactics that should soon become prevalent in racing in North America!

    The F1 FanZone in Abu Dhabi (2011)

    The F1 FanZone in Melbourne, Australia (2011)

    The F1 FanZone in Abu Dhabi (2010)