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    Kraft Gets Creative to Engage Consumers Out-of-Home

    Teams looking for new ways to leverage Kraft as a corporate partner should take a close look at two (2) of the company's innovative out-of-home marketing executions in recent years. 

    In 2010, Kraft teamed up with Monster Media, MediaVest, and CP+B to create an interactive storefront that allowed consumers to see a virtual Kraft noodle smile whenever they smiled. Kraft installed grin detecting systems in ten (10) storefronts across the country that conveyed happiness in noodle form and allowed consumers an opportunity to dictate the interaction simply by smiling. 

    Check out Kraft's interactive outdoor display below and consider ways that you can replicate this offering within your venue to engage fans! Examples can include:

    • Create a Kids display in the concourse where young fans can smile to see their favorite team mascot smile back
    • Create an interactive wall of televisions where fans can smile at virtual headshots of their favorite players and have them smile back at them (or wave, blink, etc.)
    • Create an interactive wall of fan faces that change throughout the game based on how well the team is performing

    In 2010, Kraft teamed up with Crispin Porter + Bogusky to transport a giant noodle to large outdoor events to provide warmth to fans in a creative way. Prior to games at Lambeau Field, Wrigley Field, and other iconic venues and events, Kraft featured a giant noodle on-hand that was equipped with a heating system to warm fans up in the tailgate lots. The "You Know You Love It" noodle served as an engaging branding play that definitely resonated with fans in attendance. 

    This tactic would also work well for teams looking to promote utility partners, pizza companies, and fast-food chains (promoting new menu offerings) in cold environments. Teams competing in warm environments during the summer months could mirror Kraft's OOH tactic to promote "ice cold" products (e.g. feature a giant Coors Light bottle on-site that always stays super cold). 

    Check out Kraft's outdoor execution below:

    Lambeau Field
    Daytona International Speedway
    AT&T Park


    Reebok Uses an Athlete-Operated Mechanical Bull to Generate Buzz at the Super Bowl

    Reebok leveraged its designation as the NFL's Official Apparel Supplier at Super Bowl XLV with an outstanding 50'x100' hospitality space designed to host media members, VIP's, clients, partners, and friends of the brand. Reebok teamed up with Synergy Events to create the interactive area and host a star-studded media event on the Friday prior to the Super Bowl.

    Reebok called on its newest spokesperson, Erin Andrews, and nine-time World Champion rodeo athlete Ty Murray to host a Cowboy Up! media event that featured Reebok athletes Peyton and Eli Manning, Chad Ochocinco, DeMarcus Ware, and Randy Couture operating a mechanical bull by swinging training ropes and running on treadmills. The players were encouraged to swing ropes and run on treadmills as quickly as possible to make the bull buck harder, thereby throwing Randy Couture to the mat. 

    The activation space created a terrific PR event for the brand and successfully engaged media members and important stakeholders throughout Super Bowl weekend.

    Check out a clip detailing Reebok's Super Bowl activation tactics below:



    Red Bull Continues to Give Fans a Whole New Perspective of Sports

    Over the past few years, Red Bull has done an absolutely remarkable job revolutionizing the sports space that we live and work in. All across the globe, Red Bull mesmerizes consumers with unconventional sports events and marketing practices that generate consumer interest in non-traditional and emerging sports.

    In the past week alone, Red Bull released four (4) extremely interesting videos showcasing how the brand continues to bring sports to life in new ways and create new fan perspectives. Check out the four (4) videos below, especially the floating BMX park in Florida, which is downright unbelievable.

    Red Bull Bargespin Floating BMX Park - Florida Intercoastal Waterways

    Red Bull created a five-day event on the waterways of Florida that featured the world's best BMX riders performing tricks and skills on a floating BMX park.


    Red Bull - A Day with Reggie Bush at Super Bowl XLV

    Red Bull leveraged its partnership with Reggie Bush by profiling his time and activities at Super Bowl XLV weekend in Dallas. Red Bull provided fans with a behind-the-scenes look at how NFL players spend their time while in town for The Big Game. The viral served as a great way to support Red Bull's endorsement and drive some value during the off-season.


    Red Bull-Travis Pastrana NASCAR PR Launch Event - Staples Center

    Red Bull celebrated its partnership with Travis Pastrana, the newest driver in the NASCAR Nationwide Series, by featuring a special NASCAR PR Launch event outside Staples Center in Los Angeles. Red Bull then gave fans a behind-the-scenes peak at Pastrana Waltrip Racing... expect much more to come from this relationship in the NASCAR Space


    Red Bull Crashed Ice - Valkenburg, Netherlands

    The Valkenburg Red Bull Crashed Ice consisted of speed skaters racing down a 385-meter long ice track in front of 25,000 spectators.



    Enhance Stadium Concourse Signage with QR Code Giveaways

    Corporate partners looking for new ways to engage fans on gameday should consider featuring QR code displays within the stadium concourse that deliver unique, interactive content. Brands leverage QR codes on back-lit displays to distribute free music downloads, gameday programs, virtual premium giveaways (wallpapers, animated characters, 3D characters), free mobile subscriptions, video vignettes, books/magazines, interactive games, and highlight reels to fans.

    Firstbank, Colorado's largest locally owned bank, recently engaged travelers at Denver International Airport with three (3) engaging billboard displays featuring QR codes that offered free books, Sudoko, and crossword puzzles. Each of the billboards featured specific messaging that explained to travelers how to access the free content.

    Program Details:

    • Firstbank estimated that it would give away 7,000 books, Sudoko games, and crossword puzzles over a 5-month span
    • The process of downloading a book to a smartphone via QR reader took less than 30 seconds
    • Firstbank offered twelve (12) classic books, three (3) crossword puzzles, and Sudoko for travelers
    • Consumers could download via mobile phone or online at

    Teams could look to replicate this concept within their stadium venues (on behalf of corporate partners) or as a unique messaging campaign in the marketplace. For example, teams could leverage their partnerships with airline partners to feature signage inside airports offering free team content (highlight reels, gameday programs, special offers) to travelers as they wait for their flights. This could also be replicated with auto partners (in waiting rooms), grocery store partners, electronics partners, etc.

    Check out Firstbank's terrific airport marketing campaign below:



    The Future of Stadium Signage - For Auto Partners

    Honda recently teamed up with GT Media, JC Decaux, and Puca to develop an innovative outdoor messaging campaign designed to engage young, male consumers and demonstrate the innovative attributes of its automobiles.

    To generate buzz around the launch of the new Civic R Series in Ireland, Honda displayed a large, interactive billboard in the trendy streets of Dublin that allowed consumers to actually start the car (featured on the billboard) by texting "START" to a designated shortcode (51500). Upon doing so, the call-to-action signalled the lights on the car to light up and smoke to exit from the car's exhaust pipes on the billboard.

    Consumers that engaged with the billboard received a bounce back link to a Honda mobile brochure, providing additional details about the car, and also had an opportunity to receive a free ringtone of the car's engine roar if they engaged with the billboard via Bluetooth technology. The four-week campaign ran during June 2010.

    Honda's innovative billboard technology serves as a great benchmark for sports organizations looking for new ways to take their signage to the next level, notably in baseball. While a billboard with interactive elements could not be run in-stadium during play, there is plenty of down time during games (between innings, pre-game, post-game, pitching changes, etc.) when brands could engage with fans via SMS technology without having to feature personnel on-site to operate the signage.

    Look for a number of sports organizations to begin experimenting with SMS technology to take their stadium signage and brand activation to the next level!


    Source: Puca


    The Indiana Pacers Get Fuzzy With Their Vodka Partner

    In November, the Indiana Pacers announced a special partnership with Fuzzy's Ultra Premium Vodka, a vodka label created by golf legend Fuzzy Zoeller who is well known as a great Hoosier golfer, citizen, and businessman.

    The Pacers celebrated the partnership on Saturday, November 20th by hosting a special promotional night where Zoeller served as the honorary captain of the game and held an exclusive meet-and-greet with the first 200 Pacers fans who purchased a special $95 ticket package to the game that included a Krieg DeVault Club Level Ticket, an autographed Fuzzy hat, one (1) drink voucher, and access to the chef's table.

    Zoeller opted to align his vodka label brand with the Pacers organization in an effort to drive awareness and avidity amongst Pacers fans in the state of Indiana. As part of the partnership, the Pacers and Fuzzy's Ultra Premium Vodka will feature two (2) bars in the concourse, Fuzzy's Garage and Fuzzy's 19th Holes (as shown below), and will feature custom courtside LED and a variety of other branding and hospitality elements at games. 

    Check out a few photos of their terrific concourse buildouts and activation elements below: 





    An Inside Look at the Amway Center, Home of the Magic

    The Orlando Magic recently opened the doors of their new home, the Amway Center, and the venue is already being considered one of the finest arenas in the entire world. The team broke ground on the Amway Center, a $480MM facility, in 2008 and recently celebrated its grand opening on October 1st, just in time for the 2010 NBA season.

    The Amway Center features a number of world-class elements, including state-of-the-art displays, unique venue buildouts, kids play areas, unique sponsorship tactics, and more. The arena, designed and developed by Populous, is already scheduled to host the 2012 NBA All-Star Game, Monday Night Raw, the Eagles, Lady Gaga and more. Click here to see a complete gallery of all the arena's amenities, displays, and destinations, including:

    • The Budweiser Baseline Bar
    • The Gentleman Jack Terrace
    • Disney Atrium
    • The OZone Section
    • Stuff's Magic Castle Kids Area
    • Orlando Magic Team Shop
    • State-of-the-Art Scoreboard
    • AirTran Deck, Kia Automobile Displays
    • Amway Center Fanbulance
    • Murals, Concessions Areas, Concourse Displays, and More!

    *Orlando Magic corporate partners include Amway, Anheuser-Busch, Geico, Harris Corp., Gentlemen Jack, Kia, AirTran, PepsiCo, Disney, Grand Bohemian Hotel, Barnie's Coffee & Tea Company, T-Mobile, MillerCoors, and more!


    Driving Sponsorship Value for Nonprofit Partners

    The sponsorship landscape is oftentimes defined by monumental agreements, economic implications, new trends, and technologies. In today's day and age, it's really easy to get lost in all the dollar signs and ignore the true reasons why partnerships happen and how different segments of people can benefit greatly as a result.

    This post is designed to drive awareness for some of the good deeds taking place in our industry.

    In early September, InStadium teamed up with two entities - the Flight 93 National Memorial and the Detroit Tigers - to make something truly memorable happen. Through their relationship with the Tigers organization, InStadium was able to help the Flight 93 National Memorial deliver an impactful PSA to thousands of fans attending Comerica Field on September 11th.

    The Tigers organization ran the PSA scoreboard spot pro bono to demonstrate their support for the Flight 93 National Memorial and all the lives that were lost in Somerset County, PA on September 11, 2001. 

    Nonprofit partners and businesses with small to moderate marketing budgets that could be turned off from sponsorships simply due to dollar figures should consider reaching out to InStadium to gauge various integration opportunities. InStadium has a significant amount of relationships with sports organizations throughout the nation and can oftentimes negotiate valuable partnership/integration opportunities on behalf of their partners, as they did with the Flight 93 National Memorial. If you come up with a creative idea (regardless of your marketing budget), find partners like InStadium who can help you bring it to life!


    10 Ways to Leverage Sharpie as a Corporate Partner

    Are you looking for new ways to leverage Sharpie as a corporate partner? Are you looking for new ways to provide fans a medium to have a voice?

    Check out ten (10) ways to leverage Sharpie below: 

    I. Sharpie Sign Creation Stations

    II. Fan Message Board / Signature Walls

    III. Video Board Feature Detailing the Art of an Autograph

    IV. Player/Legend Autograph Appearances

    V. Autographed Game Day Magazine Promotional Offer (via Jumbotron/PA)

    VI. Interactive Digital Autograph Display

    Teams can feature an interactive display in the concourse/OOH destinations where fans can practice their autograph on a basketball/football/tennis ball using a digital Sharpie pen

    VII. Giant Autograph Inflatables


    VIII. Personalized Photo Autographs via Email

     Click here for more information.


    IX. Autograph Ball Display

    X. In-Venue Autograph Booth