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    7 Great Promotional Ideas from Minor League Baseball

    Minor League Baseball delivers some of the finest, unconventional ideas in all of sports. Here are seven (7) great promotional and entertainment ideas that teams from all leagues can consider benchmarking to enhance the game day fan experience at their venue.

    I. Durham Bulls "Rock On" Promotion

    The Durham Bulls created an entertaining segment where fans seated along the 3rd base line engaged in a singing competition against fans sitting along the first base line. The team played some commonly recognized rock songs that were easily embraced by the crowd. We should see more of this in Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball! Simple, yet effective. 

    II. Live Rain Delay Theater Entertainment (Miscellaneous MiLB Teams)

    The following clip demonstrates how a series of MiLB teams used a splash of creativity to entertain fans during rain delays and stoppages of play. The performances require some pre-game planning but serve as a great way to demonstrate additional entertainment value for fans.

    III. Lake County Captains - "Are You Smarter Than an Umpire?" Promotion Presented by the Ohio Lottery

    The Lake County Captains created a promotion replicating the popular show, "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader" by creating a promotion where fans can test their sports IQ head-to-head against an umpire between innings.

    IV. Charlotte Stone Crabs - Closest to the Pin Contest on Golfer's Appreciation Night

    The Charlotte Stone Crabs attracted golfers in the local marketplace out to the ballpark by offering a post-game closest to the pin contest that allowed golfers to test their skills hitting a shot from home plate out to a flag in deep center field.

    V. Lake County Captains - "The Price is Right" Promotion Presented by BJ's

    The Lake County Captains did an excellent job creating a promotion replicating The Price is Right that features three (3) lucky fans being called out of the stands and onto the field to participate for a chance to win prizes.

    VI. Lake County Captains - "Build El Burrito" Promotion Presented by Chipotle

    The Lake County Captains created a simple on-field promotion where fans have to race to use a series of ingredients to build a burrito. The promotion, presented by Chipotle, served as a great awareness driver that also enhances the fan experience between innings.

    VII. Lake County Captains - Michigan International Speedway Tire Race

    The Captains teamed up with Michigan International Speedway to create a competition where two (2) contestants had to race head-to-head rolling actual tires used in NASCAR races around the infield for the chance to win ten (10) free tickets to an upcoming race.


    Pitch a Perfect Game in MLB 2K10 and Win $1 Million

    Are you looking for new ways to entice fans? Are you looking for the hottest new promotions in sports?

    2K Sports recently announced that it is offering a $1 million prize to the first person who throws a perfect game in its new release, MLB 2K10. The skill-based challenge marked a unique way to engage fans and drive a significant amount of buzz around the release of the game on March 2nd.

    The simple catch? Entrants must record the entirety of their game, either with a camera aimed at the television or recorded digitally. To ensure legitimacy of submissions, 2K Sports is working with Twin Galaxies, a worldwide sanctioning authority for video game high scores and records... And only one (1) person can win!

    The chances of a perfect game happening in the Major Leagues? Just 16 perfect games have been thrown in Major League Baseball since 1901 (during a stretch of 160,000 regular season games).

    The company created a special microsite to reveal the details around "The Battle for $1,000,000", which included a set of nine (9) detail instructions:

    1. Get a copy of MLB 2K10 for XBox 360 or Playstation 3
    2. Read the Perfect Game Official Contest Rules and Legal Rules Carefully
    3. Print a Copy of The Perfect Game Checklist to Help Ensure You Don't Miss a Step
    4. Set up a Recording Device to Record Your Perfect Game Attempt
    5. Play Your Perfect Game Attempt in the MLB 2K10 Contest Mode in the MLB Today Section and You Must Use the Pitcher That is Set to Start the Game for That Particular Day
    6. Throw a Perfect Game Without..
      1. Making any pitching substitutions
      2. Calling any coaching visits to the mound
      3. Pausing the game
      4. Delaying the game (waiting 60 seconds or more between pitches)
      5. Changing any of the control options. User must play using Total Control Pitching and Total Control Hitting (these modes are set to default when attempting the perfect game)
    7. A Verification Code will Appear After Your Perfect Game - Input That on the Perfect Game Website
    8. Print Two (2) Copies of the Verification Confirmation Page
    9. Send Via Overnight Courier Your Recording Of Your Perfect Game on DVD Marked with Verification Code, Name, and Gamertag to 2k Sports Attn: MLB 2K10 Promotions Team 10 Hamilton Landing Novato, CA 94949

    Check out the promotional trailer below:



    Belle Tire Hits a Homerun with Tigers Promotion...

    Are you looking for new ways to reward fans based on team performance? Are you looking for ways to make your tunnel signage interactive?

    During the 2009 MLB season, Belle Tire and the Detroit Tigers teamed up to create a "Belle Tire Blast Contest" that ties an interactive promotion*to the corporate partner's tunnel signage at Comerica Park. Each time a Detroit Tiger hits a home run into the Belle Tire Blast Zone (the tunnel signage located in right field), one (1) lucky fan's name whose name is drawn that night can win an exclusive prize package.

    For a chance to win, fans can either enter the drawing at online or at any Belle Tire location.The exclusiveprize package, valued at $750, includes:

    • A family four (4) pack of tickets to a future Detroit Tigers Game
    • A set of four (4) Goodyear Tires
    • A gift certificate for an Amsoil Oil Change at Belle Tire
    • Detroit Tigers merchandise
    • An HD Car Connect Radio

    * Click here for the official rules and information.


    Are You Cut Out for the Amazing Seat Race?

    Are you looking for new ways to draw buzz and excitement during the offseason? Are you looking to create new promotional ideas at the ballpark?

    The Winnipeg Goldeyes of the independent Northern League and Hot 103, a local radio station, recently teamed up to create The Amazing Seat Race, a promotion that pitted three (3) select contestants against one another for the chance to win season tickets. The promotion challenged the contestants to sit in as many seats as possible during a 63 minute timeframe.

    The winner? Pam Chubinski, a stay-at-home mom who managed to sit in 2,000+ seats using a sliding strategy to outperform the others. Craig Kuhlman, an inside sales rep, placed 2nd with 1,656 seats (a tough 2nd place finish to say the least). For the chance to take part in the promotion, Goldeyes fans were asked to fill out a three page entry form/questionnaire.

    The promotion serves as a great way for sports properties to create an inexpensive promotion that leverages their existing assets (empty seats), yet is very engaging for consumers. Teams can benchmark this example by:

    • Hosting a pre-game promotion prior to their 500th sellout by challenging their fans to see who can sit in 500 seats in the fastest amount of time
    • Integrate a sponsor like 7-11 by creating a promotion pre-game/post-game where fans are timed sitting in their seats for 711 minutes for the chance to win a $500 shopping spree at a local 7-11 (all participants receive a takeaway) or see which fans can sit in 711 seats the fastest
    • Create similar promotions that leverage fitness sponsors (by hosting a special challenge for local gym attendees for the chance to win free season tickets)

    Check out a clip of the promotional execution below:


    Fans Get Excited About Million Dollar Monday...

    Are you looking for new ways to drive excitement at the ballpark? Are you looking to feature an enticing offer that draws new consumers to the ballpark?

    The Class A Cedar Rapids Kernals recently offered a tremendous"Million Dollar Monday" promotion that turned the heads of baseball fans throughout the state of Iowa. The promotional night, deemed the "perfect promotion", offered fans attending the game the chance to win $1 million if the team's pitcher threw a complete-game perfect game (getting 27 consecutive outs).

    While the chances to win are slim ( places the odds of a perfect game at 90,000-to-1), the offer seems irresistible to fans who have to pay just a few bucks to get into the ballpark to enjoy some quality entertainment. The Kernals were able to effectively tie in a sponsor - Perfect Game USA baseball club/scouting service - to help underwrite the costs involved with implementing the promotion.

    While the team didn't end up throwing a complete game, the promotional night served as a great way to get some new fans out to the ballpark!