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    Wisconsin Engages Fanbase with Student Section Race

    In college athletics, there's no question that student sections define the overall fan experience. From traditional chants to trash talking the opposition, student sections can change the momentum of a game in a split second.

    University athletic departments looking to establish an avid student fanbase should take a close look at the student experience at University of Wisconsin home football games, held at Camp Randall. While the experience is traditionally known for the "Jump Around" segment between the 3rd and 4th quarters, there is much, much more to the student experience. From traditional chants to starting different versions of the wave, the students are in control in Madison.

    One of the most unique, engaging tactics the Athletic Department offers during games is a Student Section Race that is held just prior to the "Jump Around" segment between the 3rd and 4th quarter. The Student Section Race features seven letters, representing each of the different student sections, competing in a head-to-head 100-yard dash on the jumbotron. The spot electrifies all of the students in attendance and serves as the perfect precursor for "Jump Around".

    The following two videos don't do the spot justice but provide a nice look at the scoreboard feature. Enjoy!


    Doritos Crashes the Super Bowl with a Consumer Challenge

    Are you looking to create an engaging campaign that puts the creativity of consumers to the test? Are you looking for ways to leverage premier events?

    With Super Bowl XLIV just weeks away, the Doritos brand has been busy capitalizing on all of the pre-game buzz with its "Crash the Super Bowl Challenge". For the fourth consecutive year, Doritos has hosted the "Crash the Super Bowl Challenge", a promotion that The promotion that offers consumers the chance to produce a :30 branded clip worthy of being featured on air live during the Super Bowl.

    But in 2009-10, Doritos raised the stakes even higher than ever before. The company is offering a $5 million shared grand prize payout if three (3) of six (6) finalists can beat out the ad pros and garner the top three (3) spots in the USA Today's annual Ad Meter.

    With the stakes higher than ever, Doritos received over 4,000 entries from creative individuals around the world eager to win the mega prize. From January 5-31, fans can vote for their favorite finalist at for the chance to win free Super Bowl tickets... every day.

    Doritos is currently featuring the videos of six (6) finalists on its site, which will be pared down to three (3) and aired down to the Super Bowl. Head to the site to check them out!


    Teams Strike Gold with Crossbar Challenges...

    Are you looking for new ways to entertain fans at halftime? Are you looking to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for one lucky fan?

    Sports organizations should consider offering more promotions that put the skills of fans to the test. This practice, seen commonly overseas in the rugby and football circuits, serves as a great way to engage all fans in attendance during halftime festivities and also provides sponsors a chance to capitalize on aligning with a memorable in-game moment.

    While most organizations commonly implement halftime entertainment that tasks fans with scoring to win, most should consider ways to alter these type of promotions to challenge fans in unique ways: 

    • Football - Challenge one (1) select fan with hitting the field goal posts/crossbar
    • Hockey - Challenge one (1) select fan with trying to hit the post (instead of scoring)
    • Soccer - Challenge fans with hitting the crossbar (instead of scoring)
    • Rugby - Challenge fans with hitting the crossbar
    • Basketball - Challenge fans with banking a shot in off the glass

    Here are two (2) great examples of Crossbar Challenges serving as a highlight at games played overseas:


    During a recent English rugby match, one lucky fan took home 250,000 euros after successfully hitting the crossbar with a punt (while not wearing shows) during a halftime Crossbar Challenge event. The winner, rugby fan Stuart Tanner, became an instant household name after coverage of the promotion was picked up by several major media outlets. See the stunt below:


    EPL club Stoke City recently held a halftime Crossbar Challenge at Britannia Stadium featuring a collection of team mascots and boxers Ricky Hatton and Scott Lawton. One contestant electrified the crowd by hitting the crossbar. 

    The Crossbar Challenge also serves as a tremendous feature to include in media broadcasts of soccer matches (as seen by the Leyton Orient team challenge below):


    Gillette Says Cheers to 50 Great Patriots Seasons

    Are you looking to create a video board clip that energizes fans during the game? Are you looking to celebrate team anniversaries, etc.?

    Gillette has done a tremendous job celebrating the New England Patriots' 50 years of football. As an official sponsor of the Patriots, Gillette created a classic Cheers-inspired video that debuted on the jumbotron at Gillette Stadium during the Patriots' MNF game against the Buffalo Bills. The team is planning on running the clip at every single game for the remainder of the season  

    Gillette is also supporting the commemorative year with a special microsite -

    Check out Gillette's "Cheers to 50 Years" video board clip below:


    T.G.I. Friday's Scores with a Punt Promotion...

    Are you looking to create an off-the-wall sports promotion? Are you looking to reward fans/consumers based on in-game occurences?

    Less than two (2) weeks prior to the Dallas Cowboys regular season opener at the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium, T.G.I Friday's issued an official challenge to fans. The casual dining chain offered a dish of free crispy green bean fries to all consumers watching the game at one of the 600 participating TGI Fridays restaurants nationwide if a punt hit the stadium's infamous $25MM center-hung scoreboard during the game, resulting in a replayed down.

    The promotion drew on-air mentions during ESPN's pre-game coverage and served as a great way for the chain to drive product awareness for its crispy green bean fries. The media coverage and buzz generated from the Punt Challenge was so great that T.G.I. Friday's opted to extend the promotion for the Dallas Cowboys-Carolina Panthers Monday Night Football game on September 28th.

    The chain's promotional idea was created after Tennessee Titans punter A.J. Trapasso hit the new state-of-the-art scoreboard during a preseason game, forcing the NFL to institute a new rule that any punt that hits the scoreboard will result in the down being replayed.