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    The Bucks Celebrate Valentine's Day with a Little Humor

    The Milwaukee Bucks recently celebrated Valentine's Day by creating a humorous jumbotron vignette that featured the team mascot, Bango, embarking on a full day of activities with his Valentine. The piece, set to the tune of Meatloaf's popular song "I'd Do Anything for Love", featured a pretty ironic twist that instantly won over all fans in attendance at the game vs. the Clippers.

    The Milwaukee Bucks organization created the spot as part of a week-long effort to promote Bango as the most awesome mascot of the year in conjunction with the Cartoon Network's Hall of Game Awards. The Bucks are supporting the initiative by posting a skit, commercial, or dunk video every day of the week on the team's YouTube channel and leveraging Facebook and Twitter to drive awareness and fan voting.

    Check out Bango's humorous Valentine's Day vignette below:


    A special thanks to Michael Grahl of the Milwaukee Bucks organization for his insights and contributions to this column.


    Yankees Fans Enjoy the Best Buy Match Game

    Are you looking for new ways to entertain fans between innings?

    Best Buy features a very entertaining video board segment in between innings at the new Yankee Stadium that challenges the memory skills of fans. Best Buy features a "Match Game" vignette that tasks one (1) select Yankee fan with memorizing which Yankee player was featured twice behind a series of tiles that resembles the Brady Bunch.

    The feature would serve as a terrific way for teams to promote:

    • Dating Services (feature different singles behind the blocks)
    • New Team Apparel/Equipment/Hats
    • Automobile Companies (looking to showcase a new model)
    • Sponsors Looking to Drive Team Affiliation (as shown above with Best Buy)

    Consider new ways that you can bring your events to life for fans outside the lines!


    The Giants and Springsteen Celebrate Memories

    Are you looking for new ways to commemorate the history of your organization? Are you looking to feature a memorable piece on the videoboard uring an upcoming game?

    The New York Giants celebrated their final regular-season game at Giants Stadium by featuring a special video to the tune of Bruce Springsteen's hit song "Wrecking Ball" on the jumbotron. The three (3) minute clip featured countless pictures and video memories from the historic venue and honored a collection of the finest players to ever play for the Giants organization.

    Check out the memorable tribute video below:



    Alabama Football Boasts One of the Best Video Board Intros in Sports

    Are you looking for ways to enhance your pre-game entertainment? Are you looking for new pre-game introduction concepts?

    The University of Alabama Athletics Department sparked the football team's historic 2009 season with a terrific pre-game video board intro. The clip features a collection of Alabama players describing the significance of the jersey number they are wearing (e.g. #31 stands for the team's bowl victories) to the tune of AC/DC's classic hit "Thunderstruck".

    The vignette serves as a best practice for sports organizations looking to highlight their team's history in their pre-game video board introductions. Check out the clip below:

    Notice: In the clip, the University of Alabama Athletics Department failed to mention jersey #0 (believe it or not, the team has never had a Heisman Trophy Winner)...


    The Predators Celebrate Halloween With JibJab

    Are you looking to create new, captivating video board vignettes? Are you looking for ways to create holiday-specific fan entertainment?

    The Nashville Predators recently celebrated their Halloween matchup against the Dallas Stars by featuring a creative JibJab vignette on the jumbotron during the game. The clip centered around a Monster Mash thematic with the faces of Predator players incorporated into the mix. The clip proved to be a huge hit with fans and was later featured on the team's Facebook page for all to enjoy.

    Check it out below:


    Have You Considered the Human Jumbotron?

    Are you looking for unique ways to engage fans in-venue? Are you searching for ways to add entertainment value to the fan experience?

    While the stadium arms race has dominated the North American marketplace, some Asian sports organizations (particularly in South Korea) have continued to place an emphasis on creating a human jumbotron effect. In fact, they have gotten pretty good at it over the years.

    The human videoboard involves a large group of individuals who carry out choreographed chants and color movements (using layers of shirts), driving spirit and excitement amongst onlookers. It really is something that you just have to see for yourself: