Spring 2012 Partnership Activation Newsletter

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This month's newsletter features a collection of insights, including:

  • 10 Tips for Activation Success
  • Heineken Capitalizes on Fan Shock Value
  • Trend Watch: Pre-Game Sponsorships
  • Navigate Research: Effective Sponsorship and Fan Research Webinar
  • Industry Watch: Sport is Fantastic
  • 5 Ways Sports Teams Can Leverage Pinterest to Visually Engage Fans
  • FanBridge
  • Labatt Celebrates Sabres Greats in Style
  • Steph Curry Turns to Twitter for a Game of H-O-R-S-E
  • Coca-Cola Turns a Suite Into A Dormitory For Fans
  • Ways to Leverage Music, Resort, and Theme Park Partners
  • Hot Off the Press: Sport Business' Frontloaded
  • Creativity In the Sports Marketplace
  • The March 2012 Partnership Activation Rising Stars
  • XFINITY Presents: The Ultimate Sports Social Media Job
  • 10 Tips to Drive Incremental Value From Your Partnerships
  • A Close Look at the 2011 F1 Abu Dhabi Fanzone
  • 5 #SportsBiz Twitter Handles You Must Follow
  • 30+ Activation Ideas For Leveraging Financial Partners
  • Going Grassroots To Promote Pet Partners
  • Carlsberg Celebrates Its Naming Rights with a Smashing Success
  • Examples of Video Projection Mapping in Sports

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