Summer 2012 Partnership Activation 2.0 Newsletter

Welcome to the Summer 2012 Partnership Activation 2.0 Newsletter! I apologize for the brief hiatus of ongoing content but am truly excited to share with you this quarter's newsletter.

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This month's newsletter features a collection of insights, including:

  • A Look at Paddy Power's Ambush Marketing Tactics around UEFA EURO 2012
  • Navigate Research - Industry Spotlight on The Value of a Social Fanbase
  • A Look at How Teams Are Using Projection Display Technology
  • 10 Ways Teams Can Leverage Instagram
  • adidas Speaks to Fans As Owners in Latest Cricket Spot
  • Red Bull's Golf Skee Ball Challenge
  • Property to Keep an Eye On: Jersey Watch
  • The Philadelphia Flyers' FLYERBOT
  • The Tampa Bay Lightning Let Fans Make Noise
  • Sports Illustrated Sheds Golf in a New Light
  • Hot Off the Press: Nielsen Sports Insights
  • Creativity in the Sports Marketplace
  • July 2012 Partnership Activation Rising Stars
  • Social Media Spotlight: Team Infographics
  • 10 Ways to Create New Experiences / Inventory Around the Draft
  • A Close Look at UEFA EURO 2012
  • 5 #SportsBiz Twitter Handles to Follow
  • 30+ Ways to Activate Casino Partners
  • Delta's Touch the Future of Travel Display at MSG
  • Nike's Twitter RSVP Platform
  • Sports... Like You've Never Seen it Before
  • Partnership Activation Grab Bag
  • 4 Ways to Help Sponsors Escape the Clutter on Game Day
  • Idea Box

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