Drive Social Shareability with Simple Call-to-Action Statements

In the sports landscape, it's important for team social media managers to consistently seek out new ways to drive engagement in their channels... In a lot of cases the most effective ideas are also the most simplistic.

Here's a quick and easy social sharing idea for teams to consider: "Like vs. Share"

A team like the Miami Heat could easily post an image featuring Dwyane Wade and LeBron James standing side by side on the basketball court on Facebook with a simple call-to-action:

"Like for Wade / Share for LeBron" ... This post could easily generate thousands of likes and shares in a matter of minutes.

Looking for some other things to compare? Here's a few ideas:

1. Home vs. Away uniforms (especially around a launch)

2. Former players / legends

3. Player matchups

4. Former coaches

5. Potential draft picks

6. Top Fans