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    The Wizards Use Globalization to Sell Tickets...

    Are you looking for new ways to drive ticket sales? Are you looking for new ways to leverage the globalization of sports?

    The Washington Wizards currently feature a cool "Wizards vs. the World" tab under the Schedule drop-down bar on the team's official webpage. The "Wizards vs. the World" tab leads to a creative webpage that features a breakdown of 85 players representing 38 countries currently competing in the NBA. 

    The Wizards vs. the World page is designed to sell tickets to consumers interested in seeing their favorite international players/countries represented, versus necessarily coming to see the Wizards play. This ticketing concept could prove to be very successful, especially in a city like Washington, D.C. that serves as a melting pot for different cultures and nationalities.

    The "Wizards vs. the World" page gives consumers a one-stop shop to search and purchase tickets to see their favorite international players competing against the Wizards organization. The team even offers a special discount for groups of 15+ through the website. Check it out below: