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    Manchester United Targets Niche Group with Teenzone...

    Is your organization looking for new ways to target the hard-to-reach young male demographic? Are you looking to create a new feature on your team website?

    While many properties and brands explore different ways to target young adults (considered the hardest demographic to reach), Manchester United is taking the matter into their own hands.

    Manchester United features an excellent "Teenzone" section on its team website. The "Teenzone" section boasts a number of elements that speak directly to young adults:

    • Mobile Content
    • Tips 'N' Tricks from The Team's Star Players (e.g. Advice on Soccer Schools, etc.)
    • Video Clips
    • Celebrity Features (e.g. a Star Comedian's Take on the Team)
    • Pictures of Unique Stadium Features, Banners
    • Player Profiles

    Interested in ways that your organization can capitalize on a Teenzone page?

    Corporate Partner Integration- Consider reaching out to corporate partners who are looking for additional outlets to target young adults (automobile, insurance, entertainment venues, colleges, energy drinks, CPG companies, etc.)

    Content Relevant to Teens -Identify new content that your organization can feature to drive interest among young adults (e.g. unique team codes/content on video games, Twitter feeds, Facebook/iPhone applications, meet-n-greets for fans 13-19, downloadable music)

    Manchester United offers a free"United 3 in One" desktop software bundle, enabling fans to receive a themed wallpaper, calendar, and screensaver that all refresh/update periodically to give fans' computers a new, fresh look

    Specific Promotions / Sweepstakes Offers - Create a special promotional sweepstakes that targets young student-athletes (win a chance for your team to compete against our team), young singers (submit YouTube performance videos for the chance to sing the National Anthem during XXX game), and general fans (refer the most friends to the team Facebook group wins a chance to win suite tickets for a game)

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